My name is Cory O'Brien Borkowski, AKA Corbor. I am a visual artist and podcaster based in Milwaukee, WI. I make cool sh*t, travel to cool places, and meet the most amazing people. My podcast, Corbor and Friends, is a culture storytelling podcast in which I interview the amazing people that walk this Earth. They have awesome stories and you need to hear them! Circus performers, scientists, parents, artists, performers, trade workers, nerds, goldsmiths, the list goes on. Tune in and learn about the eclectic group of people that make this world richer. 

​In this podcast you will:
​Get a glimpse of someone else's life.
​Learn about professions, crafts, identities or life styles you wouldn't normally know a whole lot about.
Broaden your mind.
​Laugh, cry, smile, fume.